Bed Bugs Houston

bed bugs Houston

All over the United States bed bugs are making themselves known. Some of the main reasons for their recent resurgence are:


  1. For many years DDT was the most effective chemical used to treat bedbug, but it was banned in 1972.
  2. The general public has turned to a do it yourself solution rather than using pesticides in and around the home.
  3. Many effective pesticides have been taken off the market for both the general public and the professional operators.
  4. With international travel on the rise, this brings new cultures into our cities to live and work. Some cultures are more accepting of these pests.
  5. The general public is not educated enough on the signs of bedbugs or bedbug control. When they attempt to do the job themselves they fail.
  6. Only about fifteen percent of the “Pest Control Operators” are properly trained to handle bedbugs according to the National Pest Management Association.


Bed bug Feeding:

  • Bed bugs are most active from one to three-thirty in the morning any month of the year.
  • Adult bedbugs can survive a minimum of six months without a blood feeding.
  • Bedbugs nest within two to twenty feet from the hosts sleeping location.
  • Bedbugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and prefer humans.
  • A bedbug takes about fifteen minutes to fully engorge during a blood meal.
  • Dark conditions are preferred, but bedbugs will feed during the day if the location is dimly lit.
  • The blood meal is the bedbug’s only water source.
  • One female can lay as many as twelve eggs a day or over five hundred in a lifespan. She will be able to lay eggs for a month after a single mating.
  • The bedbug is known to travel up to one hundred feet for a feeding opportunity, but will not live more than ten to twenty feet from the feeding site.


Common Problem With Current Bed bug Treatment Methods:




This is the same gas/tent technology used in treating a home for Drywood Termites. This method is expensive and requires the occupants to relocate during the treatment period.


Steam/Heat Treatment:

Some companies offer a heat or steam treatment maintained at one hundred twenty degrees, this is applied directly to the infested area. The equipment is expensive and requires training. This technique is expensive and requires multiple treatments. The success rate is seventy-five to ninety percent, but the bedbugs that are not exposed to the heat are not affected by the treatment.


Bedbug Proof Mattress Covers:


Some of these covers are cheap and others are expensive, but they do nothing to kill the bedbugs living in your home. Bedbugs can be found in baseboards, crack/crevices, and behind picture frames, they can and will live in many places in the home if not properly treated.




This is an aerosol material offered by pest control operators, it is not recommended as an effective tool against bedbugs. The label states the mattresses and box springs need to be cleaned and aired before treatment. When you move the mattress bedbugs and eggs will fall off allowing them to miss the treatment and not be destroyed. They will eventually make their way back to the mattress and cause more problems.




A thorough inspection of the property is necessary and then an intense treatment is the only solution. A follow-up treatment will be necessary and the use of an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) is understood.


When it comes to killing bedbugs it is important to use the most potent chemicals permitted by regulatory authorities. When it comes to kill the bedbug labels need to be followed and a trustworthy company offers a warranty!!!

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